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What if Cabanela taught dance lessons
like the salsa
I would go to those lessons.
Same here!
I would go EVERY DAY.
In disguise.
A different disguise everyday.
That way I don't seem too stalkery...
I'd definitely spy--- I mean go
Oh god, what if he included stuff like "Hoooow to talk liiiiike an Inspector, baaaby..." and "How to proooooooooooperly answeer he phoooooone..."
as, like, bonus lessons

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(Actually, the teachers usually take pretty good care of disciplining their students.  We rarely have any problems that require a student be sent to my office.)

(If they do make it to my office…  They’re usually just really confused.  Of course if it’s a large enough issue…)

(Yomiel is scarier than detention anyways.)

(To be honest, he even scares me when he’s mad…)

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Anonymous asked: Hey Jowd, doesn't that art schmock look suspiciously similar to a Laurence Denuvrux from Ace Attorney? Also, Guardian of the Park, are you still roaming the park handing out flyers?

I’m sorry, who?

I don’t believe I know any Laurences… or attorneys.

Of course! But only on weekends.

And Monday through Friday 3-5.

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((Dear anon,

as;ldfkhlkdjhgsajd I promise I’ll get to your question! I completely forgot about it I am so ashamed. u.u